The Eyes Have It – Caring for This Very Delicate Skin

close up of woman's eye
Careful treatment around the eye area gives beautiful results

Reversing age and sun damage in the eye area requires good habits and a little help from the experts. This skin is some of the most delicate on the body.

It is completely unable to withstand facial products, polishes, and full-strength tretinoin creams that we use at home to keep the rest of our skin fresh and beautiful. On the other hand, it shows the effects of age and environmental stress faster than any other part of our face!

Here is a five step regimen to restore youth to the eye area.

  1. Schedule light treatments for the eyes every 3 months as part of your in-office skin care routine. An esthetician with specific training in chemical peels and eye area treatment can choose the right treatment or home care to improve the area incrementally.
  2. Remove milia, but never by yourself. See an esthetician or dermatologist about removing milia (small, pearly bumps) that are commonly seen around the perioribital area. These usually do not resolve without extraction by a trained professional.
  3. Be healthy. Sleeplessness, fatigue, heavy salt intake, sugar intake, allergies, and stress make an indelible mark on this ultra thin skin.
  4. Love your eye products. Be sure to include a treatment product daily for the eyes. A retinol product designed specifically for this area is best for sun-damaged skin. A vitamin C treatment is great to protect and address less advanced concerns. Pair with a great eye cream in the AM.
  5. Love your sunglasses! Protecting the area from UV radiation is crucial. On sunny days this also prevents squinting which is a major cause of crow’s feet.

Some eye area concerns won’t be addressed well with these measures. Bags under the eye area can be signs of fatty deposits that will not resolve with light treatments or skin care changes. Deep wrinkles will not be entirely smoothed out without botox and/or a deeper chemical peel.

Still, improvement will be seen around anyone’s eyes with this regimen. These steps are the basics to keeping this important area of the face healthy!

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