Thinning Eyebrows? Try Eyebrow Hair Transplantation Instead of Permanent Makeup

Patients and surgeons have been aware of the importance of eyebrow position for many years. That is why we developed the Trichophytic Hairline Browlift to elevate low brows and preserve or improve the patient’s hairline location.

For men and women the eyes are a strong focal point in facial beauty and attractiveness. The brows are an important part of this aesthetic unit because they frame the eyebrow-eyelid complex. Only recently have we focused on the thickness and continuity of hair within the brows. In patients who want fuller and thicker brows, techniques such as tattooing provide less than ideal temporary improvement. Hair transplants placed in the brows achieve a permanent, natural result.

Hair transplants are done to improve the appearance of the eyebrows in patients who have: 1) lost hair secondary to aggressive plucking of the brows, 2) congenital absence of hair, 3) thin or low density brows, 4) lost hair secondary to scarring following trauma or a direct browlift, and 5) lost hair secondary to infection, hormonal imbalance, or diseases such as alopecia areata,. These transplants can improve brow location, contour, and density.

One hair micrografts are taken from specific areas of the scalp to match the caliper of the existing brow hair. The number of grafts will depend on the needs of each individual patient. Because the grafts are taken from the scalp the hair must be occasionally trimmed.

While hair transplantation is a relatively easy procedure this is a technically and aesthetically demanding operation. Surgery to enhance and reconstruct the eyebrows is rewarding for both surgeon and patient.

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